Your own personal chef, on-demand.

Homebite is the easiest way to to get your favorite restaurant quality meals cooked and served in your own home. Simply search below to find your next event's personal chef.

A Truly Unique Experience.

At a price for everyone.

Have you ever wanted to have a delicious dining experience in the comfort of your own home, but do not have enough time? Our platform app connects you to the regions best chefs to create an in-home restaurant experience. So you can have the most delicious and hassle free dining experience without ever picking up a pan.

The Host Experience

Gone are the days where a family member must spend entire days in the kitchen, missing the party (and memories). Here are a few things you can expect with a Homebite chef experience:

  • No grocery shopping - stay home with your family members and the chef will bring the produce to you.
  • No table setting / serving - let the chef refill your water (or wine). Seriously, spend that time with loved ones!
  • No cleaning - the chef will wipe down and clean every dish before they leave. Go ahead and play that party game.
  • Gourmet restaurant quality meals - the average chef on Homebite will serve you a 2 or 3 course meal!
  • Accessible Pricing - private dining isn't just for the wealthy, chefs in your area charge an average of only $43 per person for a 3-course meal on Homebite!
  • No hassle - Homebite acts as a broker between you and the chef, so any complaints or issues are handled with us.

How it Works

Search for Chefs

Choose from a variety of different cuisines to find a chef within your budget. If you enter a date of your event in, you'll see chefs who are available at that time!

Request Event

Send your favorite chef a request to cook at your event. They'll ask a few more questions and begin working on a menu.

Make Your Menu

You can start with menus the chef has already cooked or work from scratch. You and the chef will work out the final menu price with your budget in mind.

Enjoy Your Event

After your event is booked there's nothing you need to do except enjoy! Spend time with your family and friends and dazzle them with restaurant quality meals cooked right in your home!

Chefs Wanted.

Signing up takes only a few minutes.

Whether you're a seasoned private chef or interested in starting off - Homebite is the one and only platform that gives you full control to run your business.

The Chef Experience

From the very beginning, Homebite's vision has been to help chefs. The very first chef to ask about Homebite was tired of the gray market hassle and wanted to find a platform they could operate their business on.

  • Craft beautiful menus - Pick from a diverse range of cuisines and set up any menu you want to cook.
  • No-cost leads - Stop paying other platforms for each click, simply set up a profile and start receiving bookings.
  • Direct payments - Homebite has partnered with Stripe to ensure you receive payments directly and a dashboard to track it all.
  • Deposits Up-front - Before you even book an event, Homebite charges a 50% deposit and sends it to you immediately.
  • Your own business - Homebite makes no demands of you - set your prices and accept (or reject) any event you wish. No algorithm is going to care.
  • Constant Updates - Every couple weeks brand new features arrive on Homebite, designed with your feedback and input and prioritized based on community needs.

Become a Chef Today

Homebite is made up of thousands of personal chefs! If you're a chef and want access to thousands of local event hosts looking for you, sign up today! Homebite takes no cut of your pay, demands nothing of you, and gives you robust tools to manage your own private chef business.